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July-One Questions a Day

The theme for this month’s questions is ” My personality type”. I recently discovered that I am an Empath- According Dr. Judith Orloff from – The trademark of an empath is feeling and absorbing other people’s emotions and, or, physical symptoms because of their high sensitivities. These people filter the world through their intuition and have a difficult time intellectualizing their feelings.

I found it this fascinating, I thought that the way I felt was the same as everyone else. But that was not the case. I recently read about the characteristics of an empath personality (a questionnaire)- found in to find out the level of my empathy. The results shocked me, but also made so much sense. I finally understood why my emotions were to the roof with the recent events going on around the world and around my city. My stress level and emotions were overwhelming and they paralyzed me. I didn’t have to watch the news to feel the overpowering fear and sadness that the world was experiencing. I often attributed all these strong emotions of fear and anxiety to my childhood experiences when I lived in El Salvador during the war. I am sure it is a combination of both, my personality and my experiences.

This month’s questions are a guided soul searching. A way for you to learn more about your personality type, what makes you, you. Why you are the way you are. A reflection on your feelings and even some behaviors. Sometimes we go about our day, living our lives not being aware of why we feel the way we feel or act the way we act.

Although these questions could be answered with a “yes” or “no” take the time to think deeper and explore your answers. Why did you answer “yes” or why was your answer “no”, why do you think you answer the way you did? what are the reasons for your answers? are you happy with your responses? did you realize you had that quality or that characteristic, that personality trait? dissect your responses and I hope you will learn something interesting and fascinating about yourself.

There are all types of tests out there you can take to find out more about your personality type. I will add some links below for you to explore. I hope you find them useful.

16 Personalities.

Myers and Briggs

Empath test

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June/One Question A Day

Are we halfway through 2020? unbelievable. I feel this is a good stopping point to re-evaluate my plans and my goals, not just for the rest of this year but for the next 5 years as well. All the questions for this month are based on me trying to focus on the future. Our family will be going through some changes and we need a plan, one that will help us have a vision of what our lives will be like in 5 years.

You can choose to answer them with a 1-year plan, a 3-year plan, or a 5-year plan. We are creative people, and creative people plan and if it makes sense to plan for the week, don’t you think we should plan for something a little bit bigger? Every successful business starts with a business plan, if we also want a successful life, we should have a life plan as well.

Download and print the questions. I use a bullet journal for this intentional writing exercise. One page per question. It is the first thing I do in the mornings while enjoying a cup of tea. Don’t forget there is a Spanish translation of the questions as well, thanks to my friend Paola Rosani. If anyone else would like to translate them in other languages I would be happy to share them here as well. I hope you find this project inspiring and useful. If you are following along, please share it with me so I can see your work. Use the hashtag #onequestionaday You might be inspiring some else out there.

Spanish translation-Thank you Paola Rosani

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Quote Journal 2019

“Kind people are my kind of people”

My quote journal or words of wisdom, I started this project at the end of 2016 and can I tell you that by 2020 I now have a priceless collection of quotes. Every year I come up with a theme. I found it was a lot easier to concentrate on specific quotes than just randomly quick them as I found them. It also helps me avoid duplicates. The list of themes gets shared here on my blog as a freebie for those of you who like to follow along.

Quote Themes 2019

Every year I change themes and I also change the medium in which I record them. In 2016 started with a handmade journal, in 2017 I used a 3 ring binder, in 2018 I decided to use 2 standard size traveler’s notebooks- this year I decided to give away my quote journals, yes1 give them away. As part of a giveaway on my IG account and for hitting a big milestone I gave away the first 6 months of quotes and I just recently gave the second traveler’s notebook to a dear friend.- For 2019 I am using a personal size planner by Webster’s Pages I love the small size and the fact that I can add as many pages as I need. I did end up using two planner binders to fit all the quotes.

I find this quote journal project so helpful. There are days when I need inspiration, not just creative inspiration but also life inspiration. Words are so powerful, they can hurt you deeply and they can also make you feel like a million bucks. Why not surround yourself the right kind of words

I ofter film my creative process when I am working on this journal (ok, this binder) You can visit my YouTube Channel and browse through my collection of videos. I hope you find spiritual inspiration as well as the creative type.

Here are some powerful words to remember. The past can not be changed, opinions do not define your reality, everyone’s journey is different, judgments are not about you, overthinking will lead to sadness, happiness is found within, your thoughts affect your mood, smiles are contagious, kindness is free, it’s ok to let go and move on, what goes around comes around, things always get better with time.

If you are wondering where I get my quotes from, the answer is Pinterest. You can visit my page and find the board “Words Of Wisdom” I categorize my quotes according to the themes of each month. You can find tons of quotes and literally get lots in quotes, so proceed with caution.