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October One Question A Day

Hello! I said good bye to summer with a tear in my eye. But welcomed Fall with a bright smile. The month of October is special not just because of Halloween but also because it’s my birthday month. In this awful year of 2020 I turn the big 50. I am bummed not because I turned 50 but because I couldn’t celebrate the way I wanted. My husband also turned 50 and so we wanted too through a hug Halloween, dress up party to celebrate this mile stone. But 2020 said no. We are allowing ourselves to stay 50 an extra year and have a proper celebration in 2021.

The reason why I had to tell you about my birthday it’s because the questions for this month are based on a realization that I need to start thinking and planning for the next phase in my life. After all I am middle age now. These questions are based on some of the thoughts that have recently been kicking around in my head, maybe some of you have been thinking about such things as well. You might have to do some research to answer some of the questions, after all that’s what this writing exercise is about; to get us to think deep and search our own souls.

P.S. I am so sorry for my delay in getting these to you. I have been beyond busy with family matters, a little traveling and birthday celebrating too.

4 thoughts on “October One Question A Day

    1. Hello friend. I am so happy to hear this. I will not be working on this project in 2021. It proved to be difficult to come up with new questions. I really didn’t want to repeat myself. You are just starting with the project, you can definitely start with the questions at the start of 2021. The questions aren’t dated. they are just here under each month of the year. So really anyone can get started in 2021. I hope you found this helpful.
      I do have one new project for 2021, it’s called the perpetual journal calendar. I have some information about it on my IG account and I will be posting a vidoe in my youtube channel very soon. Maybe you will be interested in this project as well.
      Thank you again,


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